Often times the item in the store will look different when placed in your home.

In the world of Interior Design, some stores offer what is referred to as buying “On Approval”. This gives designers the option of choosing one or more fabulous finds and presenting them to their clients for final approval. This allows the pieces to be placed in their homes and businesses, without having to purchase first. This reduces the activity on your accounts and having to confirm that the banks have processed any returns in a timely manner.

ABODE Fine Living has always offered “Out on Approval” and wants all of our customers to experience this benefit. You just have to think like a designer! Give yourself several days to live with your purchase without the risk of having that perfect piece you have been looking for, bought by someone else after you rush back to the store to buy it. Don’t you hate it when that happens?
Now you can know for sure that the furniture and accessories you have chosen are a perfect fit, color and scale for your purposes. If you still need a little guidance, talk to your designer or better yet, come in and talk to one of our in-house designers.